10 Homemade Cake Pop Recipes

Lollipops are convenient. They’re sweet, come in cute colors, and are fun to hold with the white sticks. 

Cakes, on the other hand, are delicious. They’re moist and made in various great flavors, like chocolate and mocha. 

Bring the best of those two worlds (convenience and flavor) and get a cake pop. Basically, cakes as lollipops. 

These amazing dessert treats make for a great display during parties and events. They’re incredibly adorable when they’re all lined up perfectly. 

Using these recipes, you can make your own line of perfect cake pops. They’re great for all kinds of parties – anytime, anywhere. 

1. Vanilla Cake Pops

Let’s start with something simple, but homemade cake pops. These sprinkled treats look effortlessly clean and cute at the same time. 

It has a vanilla cake base and frosting, which you will make from scratch. So yes, it’s really homemade. 

Ideally, they’re dipped into delicious white chocolate for coating. They have the best flavor and look. 

But you can also use candy melts as an alternative. You can tint the coating with gel food coloring to have fun pastel colors. 

Once done, don’t forget to bring out the sprinkles. They help make your cake pops perfectly adorable. 

2. Chocolate Cake Pops

Our second cake pop recipe is another fan favorite: chocolate cake pops. Rich, decadent cake balls coated in delicious melted chocolate. 

The core is a homemade cake and frosting – all chocolate-flavored and made from scratch. The flavors come from unsweetened natural cocoa powder. 

You can use either candy melts or chocolate for coating the cake pops. But chocolate coating is best to match the flavors and themes. 

If you will use pure chocolate, add oil before melting it. The oil thins it out, which leads to a better coating. 

Cover the cake pops with pretty sprinkles to complete the look.

3. Red Velvet Cake Pops 

Make cake pops that are gorgeous and delectable by following this red velvet cake pop recipe. 

The outside of these cake pops is white with red streaks. But inside, you’re greeted by a fiery red color, courtesy of food coloring. 

What’s great about the recipe is it uses a store-bought box cake mix and vanilla frosting. It’s convenient if you don’t have time or energy to start everything from scratch. 

An important tip from the author is to trim away the outer layers after you let the cake cool. This leads to better moisture and structural integrity. 

4. Strawberry Cake Pops 

Follow this strawberry cake pop recipe to make a sweet party treat. The white coating with red sugar is absolute eye candy. 

The essential element is the vanilla frosting and strawberry cake mixture. Conveniently, you won’t have to make the cake from scratch – go for the boxed.

The center of this cake pop is a bright pink that beautifully contrasts the white coating. You’ll make the cake pop dip from white candy melts. 

Before you dip the cake ball into the melts, though, you might like this trick. Dip the stick first into the melt for a more consistent look.

5. Coconut Cake Pops 

The author calls this “Snowball Coconut Cake Pops.” This title captures the essence because the whole dessert is elegantly snow white. 

I also like that it’s a unique flavor – coconut. It’s fresh and tropical, a break from the usual chocolate and vanilla. 

You will need white cake mix and vanilla frosting to achieve that all-white theme. Don’t worry, you can use store-bought. 

You also must have a lot of sweet coconut flakes. These aren’t just for garnish as they carry the whole coconut flavor. 

Interestingly, you won’t use candy melt or chocolate for dipping. Just microwave some frosting!

6. Lemon Cake Pops

We’re keeping up with the bright flavors theme with these Gold Glitter Lemon Cake Pops. These desserts are popping and shimmering with flavors. 

These lemon cake pops are everything. They’re fun, gorgeous, delicious, and shiny – perfect party treats if you ask me. 

Although these cake pops look and sound complicated, they’re easy to make. 

You just need lemon cake mix, frosting, and juice (all lemon-flavored). You’ll also need melted white chocolate wafers for the coating, plus other ingredients. 

Finally, don’t forget the gold and silver sprinkles. They add the touch of elegance that makes this dessert shimmering stars.

7. Pistachio Cake Pops

I wanted to share some out-of-the-box cake pop flavors. Luckily, I found this – pastel green pistachio cake pops. 

While pistachios are usually decors for desserts, they’re the highlight of this recipe. You’ll add the chopped nuts right into the cake batter, infusing it with flavor. 

Moreover, they provide an interesting texture. Usually, cake pops just melt in your mouth, but these ones might also have a bit of a crunch. 

The cake pops are also decorated with more chopped pistachios. Thus, it’s really hard to miss the savory flavors of these nuts. 

8. Leftover Cake Cake Pops 

Even when you make the cake from a box mix, making cake pops without using leftovers takes much effort and time. 

We can help you avoid too much effort and food waste. Let’s transform your leftover cake into a delicious and cute cake pop. 

To start, remove the frosting because you don’t need all of that. Add the frosting in portions just until the cake balls hold their shape. 

Once you have cake balls, roll them in melted white chocolate. While they’re wet, add the sprinkles.

Attach the cake balls to pre-dipped sticks for that clean look. Enjoy!

9. Starbucks Cake Pops 

Since 2011, cake pops have become one of Starbucks’ most classic desserts. Their most popular variant is the bright pink birthday cake pop. 

You don’t need Starbucks or a birthday to make this specific cake pop. All you need is vanilla cake, frosting, pink coating, and this recipe. 

Moreover, you don’t need a lot of ingredients. You just need a white cake batter, vanilla frosting, candy melts, and Crisco shortening. 

Like the original dessert, this cake pop has the classic pink candy coating with a vanilla cake core. It’s delicious and perfect for any day, not just a birthday. 

10. Christmas Cake Pops

I wanted to include themed cake pops and debated between Halloween and Christmas. I went for the latter because of these “Bakerella’s Snowman Cake Pops.”

Nothing screams more Christmas season than a line of perfectly cute snowmen. With these cake pops, you can see, feel, and eat Christmas (although that sounds weird). 

Getting the look down to the tee takes a bit of time, effort, and creativity. Okay, not just a bit.

But it’s really worth it. These cake pops are deliciously gorgeous and make a fun memory when you make them with family. 

So, pin the recipe!

10 Perfect Cake Pop Recipes

10 Perfect Cake Pop Recipes

Recipe by Brenda

Make the perfect party cake pops with these recipes!


  • Vanilla Cake Pops

  • Chocolate Cake Pops

  • Red Velvet Cake Pops 

  • Strawberry Cake Pops 

  • Coconut Cake Pops 

  • Lemon Cake Pops

  • Pistachio Cake Pops

  • Leftover Cake Cake Pops 

  • Starbucks Cake Pops 

  • Christmas Cake Pops 


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a cake pop in 30 minutes or less!
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