18 Best Cake Roll Recipes

You may also know a cake roll by swiss roll, roll cake, cream roll, or jelly roll. All are the names of the same cake. You roll the sponge with jelly, whipping cream, or cream filling of your choice.

In fact, you can fill anything from chocolate to icing sugar in cake roll recipes. The shape comes out too good when you cut it into pieces, making this cake a perfect crowd pleaser.

My family especially loves when I make swiss rolls from any leftover cake. Thus, I have gathered nearly eighteen ways for you to make a delicious swiss roll cake for your family.

1. Chocolate Swiss Roll

Glaze of chocolate ganache, filling of whipped cream, and a soft chocolate cake sponge, when it comes together as a swiss roll, tastes like heaven. Another reason why I love this special cake roll recipe because it is gluten-free.

You can use plain wheat flour to make it, and no one will be able to tell the difference. Moreover, some people think that making a swiss roll cake is challenging.

No, it is not. If you follow the recipe as mentioned, making this cake is a piece of cake (pun intended). Do make it this weekend and let me know in the comments about your experience.

2. Tiramisu Swiss Roll

A tiramisu swiss roll is a perfect dessert for a dinner gathering. Especially coffee lovers will enjoy it till the last bite. Do not forget to share your experience in the comments section.

The coffee-flavored sponge will taste like sweet heaven rolled in the clouds of whipped cream. The recipe recommends using rich mascarpone whipped cream filling.

You can top the cake with cocoa powder or chocolate flakes. Savor it at night or even in the mornings as a sweet snack.

3. Bakery Swiss Roll Cake

This vanilla roll cake recipe comes directly from the chef’s family generations. As a result, it can help you make a bakery-level vanilla cake roll with jam filling.

You can make this super delicious and moist cake on holidays or weekends. All you need is eggs, cake flour, sugar, and vegetable oil. Moreover, you do not require a very thin cake layer.

The end result is not only dairy-free but also super moist and delicious. Top it with icing sugar and serve with fresh strawberries or raspberries.

4. Coconut Almond Swiss Roll Cake

Coconut and almond, along with heavy whipping cream, have always been one of my favorite food combinations. So, when I discovered that we could combine these ingredients into a swiss roll cake, I was beyond satisfied.

The fluffy cake becomes even softer when you put the chocolate layer and a light cream inside. Now, you need to gently roll the cake and top it with coconut and almond flakes.

Some people do not like almonds on cakes, like my mom. So, you can easily replace it with chocolate flakes or syrup.

5. Lemon Roll Cake

Lemon roll cakes offer a sweet and sour combination of citrus and cream that is a crowd pleaser. You can make these roll cakes at birthday parties or friends’ dinner nights.

Some main ingredients are lemon zest, juice, vanilla extract, baking powder, and granulated sugar. Moreover, follow the chef’s tip of mixing egg yolks with sugar, vanilla, and zest.

The rest is a piece of cake. Decorate your plate with lemon slices and flowers before serving to guests. Oh, and do not forget to take pictures of this rolled-up cake heaven.

6. Cinnamon Swiss Roll Cake

When a fluffy cake combines with brown sugar and whipped cream frosting, you can enjoy a super delicious cinnamon swiss cake roll.

The recipe is super easy to follow, and end result cakes look so good that they can make a perfect social media picture. Plus, the cinnamon and cream combination also tastes so good.

You can also top it with whipped cream or vanilla and sugar glaze. It is better to serve the cake after it cools completely.

7. Vanilla Swiss Rolls

Vanilla roll cake can be the simplest yet most appealing recipe on the list. It is a light dessert that lets you choose ingredients of your choice.

You can make it according to the recipe by combing whipped cream filling and a very thin cake layer. Do not forget to take six egg yolks and five egg whites for the perfect texture.

You can take the help of a plastic wrap while you roll up the cake. Top ot with icing sugar and serve with fresh fruits of your choice.

8. Gingerbread Cake Roll

A cake roll with a warm cake sponge, combined with spices and brown sugar, can come in handy on hosting dinner nights. Moreover, a creamy maple cinnamon frosting will make this recipe a star of the evening.
It is a perfect twist to your simple cake rolls. This cake looks good, and your guests can enjoy a perfectly balanced bite throughout the dessert.

The chef has added a few tips to follow that you should not miss when making this delicious cake. The preparation time os only thirty minutes. The rest is for the cake to cool down.

9. Coffee Swiss Roll

The best part about this coffee swiss roll is the praline. You only need caster sugar, hazelnuts, and water to make praline.

It tastes great when combined with the sweet and bitter coffee cream. You can enjoy this cake in the mornings and evenings. Pair it with fresh fruits or cream cheese.

The praline coating adds a little bit of crunch to the smooth cake, which makes it perfectly balanced. Moreover, store the leftover praline for later use.

10. Walnut and Coffee Swiss Roll

Here come yet another coffee swiss roll cakes. But this time, you can add walnuts instead of hazelnuts. Roasted walnuts add a perfect aroma and taste to coffee cream and cake sponge.

You can serve up to six people and make this cake in less than two hours. Do not forget to add parchment paper under the baking pan. It helps in the smooth removal of cake from the pan.

Top it with half walnuts and sprinkle the icing sugar. Do let me know in the comments about how your walnut coffee swiss roll came out.

11. Pistachio and Raspberry Ripple Swiss Roll

Who knew that pistachio and raspberry make a tasty combo with whipped cream? Well, I was unaware of this colorful and balanced taste before.

However, the cakes make so much sense, and you can enjoy them on a cozy evening. When making the sponge, add the pistachio paste last. Plus, whisk together mascarpone cheese and icing sugar till you reach soft peaks.

To decorate your dessert, you can add raspberries and pistachios on top. Or you can also use chocolate glaze with roasted pistachios.

12. Raspberry Roll Cake

A raspberry roll cake is just like a bakery roll cake recipe replica. All you need is to replace jam or jelly with fresh raspberry and whipped cream filling.

It is a light summer dessert that everyone loves. Moreover, you can make it on dinner evenings or friends get together.

Dust the top with icing sugar, or you can also use chocolate syrup if you are a cocoa lover. Moreover, you can do what the chef has done and add a layer of heavy whipping cream on top.

13. Honey Cake Roll with Condensed Milk Frosting

A topping of hazelnut for a nutty flavor and cream filling of condensed milk frosting tasted so good with honey cake. I won’t be able to do justice to the wonderful flavor through my words.

You have o try this super creamy and fulfilling cake roll yourself. To add a twist, you can also add thin-cut kiwis or strawberries to the cream frosting.

You must use organic honey to bring out the percent taste. Make this roll cake for special events like anniversaries, Christmas, or Halloween.

14. Chocolate and Coffee Swiss Roll

This recipe I one of my favorites on this list. The main reason is that it is perfectly balanced between light and dark flavors. It is balanced heaven for coffee and chocolate lovers.

The light and airy coffee cream filling taste so good with the chocolate cake roll. Moreover, it is one of the sophisticated desserts that you can make in no time.

You can top the chilled cake with an even layer of cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, or chocolate-covered coffee beans. Enjoy the cake in the evenings or mornings to boost the extra energy and satisfy your sweet tooth.

15. Black Forest Chocolate Roll

Cherries, chocolate, and cream, what else can a human ask for? I can survive my whole life on these three ingredients. Plus, happiness is beyond explanation if you make a cake roll out of it.

Another great thing about this heavenly cake roll is that you can make it within thirty minutes. Just be patient till it cools down, and then you can enjoy it till the last bite.

Cover the whole cake roll in a thin layer of vanilla whipped cream and whole fresh cherries. You can also use canned cherries if these are out of season. Just do not let anything come in the way of making this sweet dessert.

16. Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Cake Roll

For some people, peppermint ice cream is the only way to satisfy their sweet tooth. So, I decided to add a recipe just for them.

The combination of peppermint ice cream rolled cake can be your next favorite too. Serve it with a chocolate ganache or syrup and enjoy till the last bite.

You can cover your cake in a paper towel filled with icing sugar, so it does not break. Moreover, allow your ice cream to soften a bit before spreading it on the cake. You can also make this light and sweet recipe for your friends.

16. Eighteen-Layer Brazilian Guava Cake Roll

This recipe contains numerous very thing cake layers filled with guava paste. Plus, you sprinkle it with granulated sugar for the additional taste.

The Brazilian guava cake is undoubtedly a time-consuming and one of the challenging cake roll recipes, but the results are impressive and tasty. You can also use company-made guava sauce if you want to save some time.

Make this eighteen-layer cake at a family gathering to surprise everyone with your baking skills. Plus, do not forget ot take pictures.

17. Strawberry Cake Roll

The Strawberry cake roll can be one of the prettiest-looking swiss rolls on the list. It is perfect for baby showers and gender-revealing gatherings.

You can decorate the outer layer with edible and cute strawberries. Plus, the strawberry whipped cream filling perfectly matches the super soft cake sponge.

Follow the recipe to see how to add those cute strawberries to the top of the cake. The trick blew my mind and helped me get the exact same texture on my first try.

18. Red Velvet Cake Roll

I know red velvet lovers would get mad if I did not add a red-velvet cake roll recipe. So, here it is, the beauty and the taste of red and white just for you.

The recipe is a perfect crowd pleaser; you can make it without hard and fast instructions. All you need is cream cheese, unsalted butter, pure vanilla extract, and sugar to make the perfect filling.

Dust the cake with sugar and enjoy it till the last bite. Moreover, you can also serve the cake with vanilla ice cream, and no one will complain about the combination.

18 Delicious Cake Roll Collection

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  • Pistachio and Raspberry Ripple Swiss Roll

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  • Chocolate and Coffee Swiss Roll

  • Black Forest Chocolate Roll

  • Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Cake Roll

  • Eighteen-Layer Brazilian Guava Cake Roll

  • Strawberry Cake Roll

  • Red Velvet Cake Roll


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