17 Campfire Pie Iron Recipes

For generations, campers have enjoyed cooking over campfire coals. One of the easiest and most popular ways to do this is with a pie iron.

Pie irons are simple metal frames that can be placed directly into the coals of a fire. It creates the perfect environment for cooking various recipes.

While traditional pie iron recipes typically involve some type of bread and filling, there are endless possibilities for creative campfire cuisine.

Here are a few delicious pie-iron recipes you can try on your next camping trip. So make sure you pack your campfire pie irons on your next trip.

1. Campfire Crescent Apple Pies

There is nothing quite like a freshly-baked apple pie, and these Crescent Apple Pies are the perfect dessert for any camping trip.

These dessert pies are made with fresh apples and a flaky, buttery crust, and they are perfect for sharing around the campfire.

What is more, they are easy to make. Thus, you can enjoy a delicious dessert without spending hours in the kitchen preparing it.

So next time you are planning a camping trip, be sure to pack some Campfire Apple Pies – your tastebuds will thank you for it!

2. Campfire Cherry Hand Pies

These hand pies are a delicious and easy dessert that is perfect for any occasion. You only need pre-made pie crusts, cherry pie filling, and white sugar.

The pre-made pie crusts make these pies quick and easy to make, and the cherry pie filling offers a delicious and classic flavor.

The white sugar gives the pies a nice sweetness that is perfect for any dessert.

These pies are a great way to enjoy a classic dessert, and they are sure to be a hit with everyone in your camp.

3. Garlic Grilled Cheese Pie Iron Recipe

This shredded cheese garlic grilled cheese pie iron recipe is the perfect way to enjoy a campfire meal. The pie iron helps to evenly cook the shredded cheese, resulting in a delicious, golden brown sandwich.

This recipe is easy to follow and only requires a few simple ingredients. You need butter, Parsley Flakes, and minced garlic for the garlic butter.

So, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make a clove of delicious garlic and grilled cheese bread slices, give this recipe a try. You will love it!

4. Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich

The humble sandwich is a lunchtime staple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. One way to elevate the classic sandwich is to cook it in a pie iron.

The heat of the pie iron helps to melt the cheese and soften the bread, resulting in a gooey, flavourful sandwich.

I like to use a classic Caprese combination of mozzarella, tomato, and basil for this recipe.

To further enhance the flavor, you can add a vinegar glace. The result is a tasty and satisfying sandwich that will please even the pickiest eaters.

5. Cherry Mountain Pie

Cherry mountain pies are a delicious treat that you can enjoy all year round. These pies are always a hit, whether cooked over a campfire or in the oven.

And with so many different pie iron recipes available, there’s sure to be a cherry mountain pie that is perfect for every occasion.

So next time you are looking for a dessert that’s sure to please, give this cherry pie a try. Your camp friends will love it!

6. Pie Iron Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

This recipe for cherry and cream cheese pie is delicious! The filling is made with cream cheese, condensed milk, and cherry pie filling.

Moreover, you can top it with powdered sugar or even homemade whipped cream. The crust is nice and flaky, and the filling is rich and creamy.

This pie is definitely a crowd-pleaser and will surely be a hit at your next camp party or gathering. So go ahead and try it – you won’t be disappointed!

7. Berry Muffin Pie Iron Recipe

There is nothing quite like a camping trip to rejuvenate the soul. The fresh air, the natural beauty, and the chance to disconnect from technology all combine to create an exceptional experience.

And camping wouldn’t be complete without some delicious food cooked over an open fire. One of my favorite camping recipes is this Berry Muffin that you can make on Pie Iron.

These individual pies are made with a flaky pie crust filled with a sweet berry filling. They are perfect for a camping trip because you can easily make them in pie iron over an open fire.

8. Pizza Mountain Pie

In today’s world of processed foods, it is easy to forget the simple pleasure of a home-cooked meal on a campfire. But there is one type of food that has stood the test of time: pie.

Pie irons are essentially sandwich makers for pies. All you need is some bread and your favorite pizza fillings, and you are ready to go.

Simply place the bread and filling in the pie iron, close it up, and cook it over a campfire or grill until the bread is crispy and the filling is hot.

So next time you are in the mood for something special, don’t forget about pie. With a pie iron, you can have homemade goodness anytime, anywhere.

9. Maine Blueberry Pie Iron Pies

There is nothing quite like a freshly baked blueberry pie, especially when it is made with ripe, juicy berries and a flaky, buttery crust. But what if you could enjoy that same delicious flavor without all the work?

That’s where iron pies come in. These individual pies are made with minimal effort, and you can cook them over an open flame.

Thus, they are perfect for camping trips or backyard BBQs. And best of all, they taste just as good as traditional blueberry pie.

So next time you are in the mood for something sweet, be sure to give iron pies a try.

10. Pie Iron Tortillas

Camp cooking has never been easier or more delicious than with pie iron tortillas. These simple, handheld pies are perfect for campfires and camp stoves, and they can be filled with just about anything you like.

You can use taco meat, bell peppers, cheese, olives, salsa, and sour cream combination. Or you can also add ingredients that you like.

Best of all, they cook in just minutes, so you can enjoy a hot, hearty meal even when you are on the go.

So, if you’re looking for a new twist on camping food, try these tortillas. You won’t be disappointed.

11. Pie Iron Apple Turnover Recipe

Sweet treats are something that can brighten up even the gloomiest of days. And what could be sweeter than a homemade apple turnover fresh out of the pie iron?

This recipe is easy to follow and only requires a few simple ingredients. You only need Pillsbury country biscuits, marshmallows, apple pie filling, and a non-stick cooking spray.

Most importantly, it yields a delicious result that will please even the pickiest of eaters. So, give this recipe a try the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet.

12. Camp Cooker Cinnamon Buns

The gooey, sugary goodness of a cinnamon bun is hard to resist. And when you make them in a Camp Cooker, they are even better!

The Camp Cooker cinnamon bun is perfectly cooked, with a crispy outside and a soft, fluffy inside. The cinnamon and sugar are perfectly balanced, and the buns are big enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

What’s not to love? So next time you are in the mood for something sweet on your camping journey, try Camp Cooker’s delicious meals.

You won’t be disappointed!

13. Campfire Cookies

Camping meals are a time-honored tradition. Sitting around the campfire, telling stories and sharing laughter while enjoying a good meal is a special part of the camping experience.

Campfire cookies are a classic camping treat. They are easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone around the campfire. You only need cookie dough, and campfire cookies are a delicious and satisfying treat.

You can enjoy them as a hearty breakfast as well.

So next time you are sitting around the campfire, be sure to enjoy some campfire-style cookies. They are sure to please everyone around the campfire.

14. Camp Cooker Garlic Bread

There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh garlic bread, hot out of the oven. And while it is not always possible to have an oven at the campsite, that doesn’t mean you have to go without your garlic bread fix.

You can always make Garlic Bread in a camp cooker. This ingenious little gadget allows you to bake garlic bread over hot coals, so you can enjoy the perfect camping food anytime, anywhere.

Just pop a loaf of bread into the Camp Cooker, add some garlic and butter, and let the coals do their work. You’ll have hot, delicious garlic bread to enjoy around the campfire in no time.

15. Campfire Pizza Sandwiches

Campfire Pizza Sandwiches are a quick and easy way to enjoy pizza around the campfire.

Simply place frozen hash browns, pepperoni, and cheese between two slices of bread, and then spread pizza sauce on top.

You can place sandwiches on the campfire grill, wrapped in foil, and place them directly in the coals. You will have a delicious, hot, and gooey pizza sandwich to enjoy in just minutes.

So next time you plan a camping trip, try some Campfire-style Pizza Sandwiches for a hassle-free meal that everyone will love.

16. Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas – a simple & healthy summer recipe

Looking for a simple and healthy summer recipe? Look no further than Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas! This recipe is perfect for a camping trip or a backyard barbecue.

Simply place some tortillas, cheese, and your favorite fillings in a pie iron and cook over the fire until the tortillas are crispy and the cheese is melted.

Add a little salsa or guacamole on top, and you will have a delicious and nutritious meal that everyone will enjoy!

So next time you are looking for a healthy and easy recipe, give these Quesadillas a try – you will love them.

17. Yummy Pie Iron Smores Recipe

If you are looking for a fun and delicious recipe to make with your family, look no further than this campfire version of Smores.

This clever twist on the classic campfire treat will surely be a hit with kids of all ages. Simply place a piece of chocolate and a marshmallow between two slices of bread, then cook it in a pie iron over the fire.

The result is a gooey, chocolatey masterpiece that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Plus, they are so tasty that you will be Praising this Pie Iron recipe long after your camping trip is over!

17 campfire pie iron recipes

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