20 Halloween recipes

You need more than spooky decorations for the perfect Halloween party; you also need mysterious food and treats. So conjure one or some of these 20 Halloween recipes for an eerie-sistible platter.

You’ll find every type of food you need depending on your preference. Whether you want something sweet for trick-and-treating or some savory options for Halloween dinner. Since October 31st is just around the corner, it’s time to get startled!

1. Deviled Eggs Eyeballs

These yummy deviled eggs will put you under a spell in seconds. It’s super easy and a fun appetizer that everyone will love.

Like the standard deviled eggs, you make a mixture with the yolk- in this case, it is made with mayo, pepper, pesto, and some salt. Then, fill the holes, use sliced black olives for the eyes, and create the veins with red food coloring.

Remember to boil more than enough eggs because they might not all be perfect.

2. Ghost Cupcakes

Get ready to boogie with these adorable ghost cupcakes. These cakes are light, incredibly moist, and an excellent fit for a Halloween kid’s party.

These treats feature meringue cookies, unsalted butter, confectioner’s sugar, butter, and other tasty ingredients. With a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a mildly sweet flavor, these cupcakes are a fantastic addition to any party.

Purple food coloring gives the filling its unique color and black frosting for the eyes and mouth.

3. Mummy Cookies

These mummy cookies are not only cute but spooky. Made with the winning flavor combinations of chocolate and pumpkin, it’s insanely delicious.

Made with chocolate sugar cookies and flavored with pumpkin spice, you get the perfect sweet and spicy flavor. Plus, they are mummified with icing brings out the terrifying visual of them running around.

You can use any cutter to make these cookies to your desired shape.

4. Halloween Worms Bundt Cake

Here’s a delicious Halloween dessert recipe for lovers of creeping animals. This thick and fluffy Bundt cake has some sweet critters sticking out of it.

Flavored with vanilla and chocolate, it’s not overly sweet. The yogurt keeps it soft and fluffy, which pairs nicely with tasty gummy worms. This recipe uses a coloring gel to separate the colors of the cake; you can use any color of your choice.

Serve a slice with a Halloween drink for a spooky treat.

5. Halloween Monster Cookies

These attractive cookies are easy to make and fit rightly into your Halloween menu. Made with only six ingredients, they are effortless and quick to prepare.

With a box of white cake mix, eggs, food coloring, and others, you can whip up a batch of these soft and chewy cookies in a few minutes. The eyes are made with Skittles or M&Ms.

As for the smiles, some food gel or edible marker will work just fine. It’s perfect for trick and treating.

6. Mummy Hot Dogs

No one can resist picking up these cute and creepy mummy hot dogs. Even though it takes a while to embalm a body, you need only 15 minutes to make these little guys.

All you need are your hot dogs, premade crescent roll dough, and sprinkles as the eyeballs. There’s a specific technique to making them look as realistic as they do. They are so delicious and excellent for appetizers.

Create a dipping sauce of ketchup and mustard with a web design. Your kids will be thrilled!

7. Halloween Charcuterie Board

Who doesn’t love a beautifully done cheese board? This Halloween charcuterie board is an excellent way to entertain your guests while they engage in other activities.

You get a large serving of cheeses, tasty meats, fruit, crackers, and other delicious additions. Of course, some ghoulish props are included for the festive theme. In addition, you can prepare this board of goodies before your guests arrive.

But remember, fruits like apples will easily brown after you slice them. Hence, include them when you’re ready to serve.

8. Chocolate Spider Cheese Balls

These easy-to-make spider cheese balls are all you need for a spooktastic Halloween party! It’s fun, creepy, and, most of all, tasty.

Bursting with chocolate flavor, this decadent cheese ball also has peanut butter and cream cheese in it. It’s so delicious, especially when served with apple slices or cookies.

Place this spooky, decadent treat in the center of your snack table and watch how it disappears quickly.

9. Halloween Poison Apples

Here’s a dessert to die for; these poison apples will have your guests wanting more regardless of the consequences. Like other candy apples, these are deathly delicious and quick to make.

Stick some skewers in your apples and dip them in your sauce- it’s made with water, sugar, corn syrup, and black food coloring for that ghoulish effect. Granny Smith apples are appropriate for this recipe because of their crunchy texture and natural sweetness.

Dip your apples carefully and allow them to cool/harden before serving.

10. Vampire Bite Brownies

What’s a bloody Halloween without some vampire bites? These spooky vampire bite brownies will capture your attention from a mile away.

The gruesome details of the blood are top-notch, but the taste is even better. They are made with dark chocolate, so they are not overly sweet; pair that with the fudgy consistency, and it’s perfect!

And if you’re wondering what the fangs are, they are vampire teeth gummies.. creative, right?!

11. Halloween Dip

Whip up this graveyard-themed Halloween dip in minutes. It’s not only spooky but also creative and incredibly delicious.

In this dip, you have a ton of veggies, kalamata olives, and some crackers; it’s simple but very flavorful. However, what sells this attractive dish is the props- crackers shaped like tombstones, the black tree, and the skull really transform it into an eerie-sistible platter.

You can use a baking pan for this dip or something festive.

12. Halloween Milkshakes

If you want a creepy drink that screams Halloween, try this creepy oreo milkshake. There’s something wonderfully disturbing about how this delicious goodness is staring at you, and it’s fantastic!

This yummy milkshake is sweet, creamy, and easy to make. All you need are some scoops of vanilla ice cream, banana, milk, and Oreo cookies. Then, make it spooky with the bandage and pins!

As for the topping, whipped cream, an Oreo cookie, and caramel sauce are excellent.

13. Halloween Punches

A creepy food platter is incomplete without a drink, so you need some Halloween punches for a ghoulish feast. Try the goblet of fire cocktail; it’s sweet, strong, and perfect for an adult party.

Inspired by the Harry Potter movies, this enchanting, ruby-red drink is both sweet and warm. It features smashed blackberries, honey, spices, and rum. It’s the perfect drink to put your guests in the mood for spooky fun activities.

14. Creepy Spaghetti and Meatballs

Many say you eat with your eyes before your mouth, but what if your meal was staring at you? This plate of spaghetti and meatballs is astonishingly spooky and insanely delicious.

It’s a terrific starter with creepy cheese-stuffed meatballs on a bed of perfectly cooked spaghetti. The eyes are made with string cheese and sliced olives.

Consider serving this dish with mummified garlic bread for the terrifying plate.

15. Monster Burgers

These monster burgers will stop anyone in their tracks- with eyes blazing and fangs ready to attack, they mean business. Fortunately, the flavors will keep you coming back.

They are fun and appropriate for an adult and a kid’s party. Another plus is they’re vegan, which means they’re healthier than other burgers. So everyone, including picky eaters, won’t be able to resist this treat.

16. Jack-o’-lantern Stuffed Peppers

Carving out pumpkins might not be everyone’s strong suit, but these stuffed peppers are easy to make and scrumptious. Filled with a mixture of savory ingredients, they have a balanced flavor and crunchy texture.

Each creepy pepper contains a delightful mix of meats, rice, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, garlic, and various seasonings. With every bite, you get a mix of exciting textures complementing each other.

They’re so excellent and convenient for sharing.

17. Halloween Oreo Balls

This is an opportunity to satisfy your sweet cravings while staying on the theme. They are spooky and delicious, an excellent fit for a kid’s party.

Each ball is filled with cream cheese, introducing a tangy flavor to the chocolate coating. You can use either brown or white chocolate as the coating. Finally, decorate with some candy eyeballs to really bring these treats to life.


18. Spooky Black Rice Risotto

Try this black rice risotto for a savory and spooky addition to your Halloween feast. Everything about the aesthetics of this dish is excellent!

The skull mushrooms and jack-o-lantern cucumbers are an excellent detail that doesn’t go unnoticed. But what sells it is the taste; with the mixture of chicken stock, rice, garlic, salt, pepper, and other ingredients, it’s a warm and enjoyable dish.

Your kids and party guests will feel enchanted by each bite.

19. Mummy Chicken Pot Pies

Watch out! There’s a mummy about to emerge from your pot. Please don’t throw out your leftover chicken; this is the best way to put it to good use.

This flavorful dish requires shredded chicken, chicken broth, veggies, and seasonings.

It’s a mouthwatering dish that can be served at both Thanksgiving and Halloween. But the difference is the way it is presented. Serve with a Halloween-themed cocktail or punch for a nice touch.

20. Witch Ice Cream Sundaes

Cast a refreshing, magical spell on your guests with these witch ice cream sundaes. These sundaes combine chocolate and pistachio ice cream, a delicious flavor mix that will keep you coming back for more.

Even though these witches look grumpy, they’re also cute and fun to make, which is good news for the kids. Customize the face with assorted candies such as M&Ms, black licorice, nuts, and other things.

20 Halloween recipes

20 Halloween recipes

Recipe by Brenda

Have a spook-tacular season with these spooky 20 Halloween recipes!


  • Ghost Cupcakes

  • Mummy Cookies

  • Halloween Worms Bundt Cake

  • Halloween Monster Cookies

  • Mummy Hot Dogs

  • Halloween Charcuterie Board

  • Chocolate Spider Cheese Balls

  • Halloween Poison Apples

  • Vampire Bite Brownies

  • Halloween Dip

  • Halloween Milkshakes

  • Halloween Punches

  • Creepy Spaghetti and Meatballs

  • Monster Burgers

  • Jack-o’-lantern Stuffed Peppers

  • Halloween Oreo Balls

  • Spooky Black Rice Risotto

  • Mummy Chicken Pot Pies

  • Witch Ice Cream Sundaes


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