15 Best Pheasant Recipes

Have you ever considered preparing a pheasant bird meal at family gatherings?

If not, now is the time. If you are tired of cooking the same chicken and turkey recipes over and over, try a pheasant. The bird tastes so flavorful and delicious when you cook it with love and the right ingredients.

Pheasant is a game bird that is often hunted and eaten. Pheasant meat is lean and has a delicate flavor. It can be roasted, grilled, or braised.

There are many different ways to prepare pheasant. Some popular recipes include pheasant pot pie, pheasant stroganoff, and pheasant curry. Pheasant can also be cooked in a slow cooker or Instant Pot.

Whether you are an experienced hunter or just starting out, cooking pheasant is a great way to enjoy this delicious game bird.

Thus, I gathered a few of the most mouthwatering and easy-to-follow recipes for you to give this unique bird meat a try.

1. Pheasant with Pearl Barley

This pheasant pot recipe is a delicious alternative to traditional weekend lunches. The recipe contains both proteins, vegetables, and a perfect blend of spices.

Choose your favorite root vegetables and add them together with this pheasant dish. It can be a lovely surprise for your family or guests.

Moreover, you can also serve this meal on Christmas Eve and at family gatherings.

2. Wild Pheasant In Mushroom and Wine Sauce

When cooked with mushrooms and wine sauce, a wild pheasant is so tender that you will forget chicken breast recipes.

You add multiple types of mushrooms and cook both pheasant and mushrooms in the olive oil (you can also use other cooking oils as well).

Serve this best pheasant dish while it’s hot and top with fresh coriander or parsley leaves.

3. Grilled Pheasant Poppers

I personally never would have thought to put pheasant on a grill, but when I tried this recipe, I was amazed. It tastes fantastic.

The recipe is very simple, and you can make it with only a few ingredients. Moreover, it also does not take much of your time.

The bacon wrapping also highlights the flavors and juiciness of the pheasant meat. When you cook it on the grill, the result is a juicy, tender bird that is bursting with flavor.

4. Citrus Rosemary Roast Pheasant

Unlike multiple recipes on the internet that cook only pheasant breast, I thought of giving you ideas on how you can make the whole bird in a pot.

Although pheasants are game birds, if you cook them following this recipe, you will also love the taste. This specific recipe comes out delicious surprise on easter or Halloween.

5. Garlic-Wine Pheasant

Here is yet another simple yet flavorful pheasant recipe you can make this weekend. All you need is to marinate the pheasant meat for three hours, and then the actual preparation will take only thirty minutes.

The base flavors are wine, garlic, and citrus. Although some people say that chicken and pheasant taste the same, pheasant meat has a lean texture.

Make it for friends or family or at formal gatherings. You will definitely enjoy this recipe with white wine.

6. General Tso’s Pheasant

If you are a fan of General Tso’s from a Chinese restaurant, you will love to hear that you can make it at home. Moreover, using pheasant breasts instead of chicken breasts will also be a good choice.

It is a perfect Saturday movie night recipe that you can make in less than half an hour. You can enjoy the meal as a snack or as a main course as well.

The key ingredients are sauce, chicken stock, and tomato paste. So, make sure you have everything you need for this lovely dinner.

7. Orange Honey Pheasant

One of my favorite flavor combinations is citrus with honey. Both of them perfectly balance each other and taste so good and never disappoints me.

The key ingredients are full pheasant, honey, lemon juice, rosemary, etc. You marinate the outer side with salt and pepper and then cook it in the oven.

Pour the sweet glaze on top of the bird and serve your guests. Keep some orange slices in the serving dish to give the picture-perfect look.

8. Roasted Pheasant With Mushroom Cream Sauce

Here comes one of my favorite pheasant recipes from this list. The creamy sauce cooked with mushrooms not only tenderizes the pheasant breasts, but you can also put a picture of it on Instagram.

Follow the tip of aging the pheasant to get the extra meat flavor and softness of the meat. Moreover, the recipe has many details, but once you spend time on it, you will see the results.

Serve this creamy pheasant to your family or friends and see how much they will like it.

9. Pheasant Breasts Braised in Cider

If I knew earlier that we could cook pheasant in less than thirty minutes in such a delicious way, I might have cooked this game bird more often.

It is an easy-to-follow pheasant recipe that does not require much effort. You can serve it with mashed potatoes or shallots as well.

10. Pan-Fried Pheasant With Celeriac and Parsnip Rösti

How about you enjoy all your chicken recipes with a flavor of pheasant? You can easily swap both by following a single recipe.

For example, this high calory pan-fried pheasant with celeriac and parsnip rosti comes out delicious with pheasant breasts. You can make and serve it in less than 40 minutes.

Divide the bird into chest and pheasant leg pieces. Another quick way to make this recipe is by using a pressure cooker, which has made home cooking much easier.

11. Pulled pheasant broth with sage and horseradish dumplings

If you have dumpling lovers at your house, you must try this combination of pheasant broth and horseradish dumplings. It is an easy recipe that requires less than two hours of your time.

The aromatic broth will elevate the flavor of the dumplings. Moreover, you can make them even special with smoky pancetta and buttered cabbage.

Make these special dumplings with your friends and family on Saturday nights or on movie nights.

12. Pheasant Normandy Stew with Apples and Cream

The recipe starts with pheasant legs (you can also use chicken legs) that you braise in brandy and butter. After that, simmer the recipe with onions and apple cider.

In the end, you can add cream and sautéed apples. Follow the instructions not to miss a step and make a perfect date night dinner.

Serve it with red or white wine.

13. Green Chile Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese taste even better when you complement it with pheasant meat. Your kids might be unable to tell the difference between pheasant and chicken, but they will praise that chicken is cooked differently.

You can use any kind of green chiles, as a chef has promised that she will not beat you up for not using green bell peppers.

The recipe requires only one hour and fifteen minutes of your time. It can become the next favorite mac and cheese at your home.

14. Whole Roasted Pheasant

Pheasant looks better and tastes yummier when you cook it whole. Be careful while handling pheasant legs, and tie them securely before putting them in the oven.

When cooked, remove the lid and let the tray in the oven for a while. It will nicely crisp and add color to pheasant skin.

The recipe requires a few hours to make, but the end results are all we live for. Sprinkle kosher salt on top for the added flavor.

15. Oven Roasted Pheasant

Let’s end this list of suggestions with my second favorite pheasant recipe. It is an oven-roasted pheasant that is delicious, juicy, and tender at the same time.

You can make this perfect pheasant in an hour and thirty minutes. Serve with a creamy sauce and additional greens.

You can also make french fries as a complementary side dish. Your family and friends are going to be thankful for this delicious treat.

15 Ways to Cook Pheasant

Recipe by Brenda


  • Pheasant with pearl barley

  • Wild Pheasant In Mushroom and Wine Sauce

  • Grilled Pheasant Poppers

  • Citrus Rosemary Roast Pheasant

  • Garlic-Wine Pheasant

  • General Tso’s Pheasant

  • Orange Honey Pheasant

  • Roasted Pheasant With Mushroom Cream Sauce

  • Pheasant Breasts Braised in Cider

  • Pan-Fried Pheasant With Celeriac and Parsnip Rösti

  • Pulled pheasant broth with sage and horseradish dumplings

  • Pheasant Normandy Stew with Apples and Cream

  • Green Chile Mac and Cheese

  • Whole roasted pheasant

  • Oven Roasted Pheasant


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious pheasant recipe in only a few minutes or hours!
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