17 Pie Iron Recipes

A pie iron is a cooking tool that has been around for centuries. It consists of two metal plates hinged together, and you can open and close them like a sandwich maker.

You basically place the pie iron over a campfire and cook the pies inside it. Moreover, you can make many different recipes with a pie iron, including sweet and savory pies, pizzas, and even desserts.

While the basic principle of cooking with a pie iron is the same, each recipe requires slightly different ingredients and cooking times. With a little practice, anyone can master the art of pie-iron cooking.

And what could be more fun than creating your unique pies over a campfire? So get creative and give it a try.

1. Pie Iron Apple Pie

There is nothing quite like a delicious slice of pie; with the help of a pie iron, you can make some truly delicious pie iron recipes.

Whether cooking over a campfire or your backyard grill, pie irons make it easy to create delicious meals. And apple pie is one of the most popular recipes for pie irons.

Just place some thinly sliced apples in the iron, add a little sugar and cinnamon, and cook until the crust is golden brown. In just minutes, you will have a delicious and easy-to-make apple pie.

So, give this recipe a try the next time you look for perfect camping food.

2. Pie Iron Pizza Pockets

Consider you are camping and suddenly crave a slice of pizza!

You will be pleased to hear that there is nothing like a pizza pocket fresh out of the pie iron. The dough is crispy and chewy inside, and the pizza sauce is always perfectly seasoned.

Moreover, the pie iron pizza pocket is portable and easy to make, making it the perfect snack for a busy lifestyle.

Whether at the office or on the go, this pizza pocket is always a delicious and satisfying option.

3. Cherry Mountain Pie Recipe (Pie Iron Cherry Pies)

Pie iron cooking is a great way to make delicious mountain pies while camping. The cherry pie recipe is a great way to make these pies.

I cannot tell you how delicious these cherry pies are! I made them on my next camping trip, and they were a huge hit.

The best part is that they only require a few ingredients and a few minutes. Do not forget a non-stick cooking spray, and enjoy it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

I will be making these again and again.

4. Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas

What is not to love about campfire pie iron quesadillas? They are quick and easy to make and are always a hit for kids and adults alike.

Plus, they are just plain delicious. And while you can definitely get creative with your fillings, we think the classic combination of cheese and salsa is hard to beat.

You can use precooked chicken or beef as well. Or you can go with all vegetables to make a vegan recipe.

So next time you plan a camping trip or outdoor adventure, pack a few pie irons – and don’t forget to make these quesadillas.

5. Pie Iron Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is classic comfort food that is perfect for a cold winter night. And while many store-bought brands are adequate, nothing compares to a homemade pot pie made with fresh ingredients.

That is where the Pie Iron comes in. This device allows you to make a pot pie right in your kitchen, which only takes minutes.

The result is a tender, flaky crust and a filling bursting with flavor.

So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make a delicious pot pie on an open fire, reach for this recipe, and you will love it.

6. Campfire Mountain Pies

Here is the recipe if you are looking for a simple recipe to make some of the classic mountain pies around a campfire.

For this dessert, you only need bread slices, butter, Nutella, chocolate chips, banana, and marshmallows. You can also skip a few ingredients or add those you like more.

The best part is that it is an easy-to-follow recipe that you can make in just a few minutes. So, before going on your next hike, gather some ingredients for this classic and easy dessert.

7. Campfire Pie Iron Pizzas

Who has the time to make dough from scratch, wait for it to rise, and then labor over a hot stove? Not me! That is why I was so excited to find Pie Iron Pizzas.

You only need a few ingredients, including refrigerated Pizza Crust, Mozzarella Cheese, pizza sauce, Italian sausage, etc. Just top with your favorite sauce and toppings, and you’re ready to go.

And they taste great, too. The combination of fresh mozzarella cheese, flavorful pizza sauce, and perfectly-cooked Italian sausage makes a delicious pie sure to please any pizza lover.

So if you’re looking for an easier way to enjoy your favorite food, give Campfire Pizzas a try. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Pie Iron Sausage and Egg Hobo Pies

Looking for an easy and delicious breakfast option? Look no further than this hobo pie! These little pies are made with just a few simple ingredients, and you can cook them in only a few minutes.

All you need is some sausage, eggs, cheese- and a trusty pie iron. Just pop everything into the iron and let it cook until the crust is golden brown and the filling is hot and bubbly.

What could be easier – or more delicious? So next time you’re in the mood for a quick and tasty breakfast, don’t forget the hobo pies!

9. Pie Iron Nutella & Banana Biscuits

I was recently introduced to the joys of using a pie iron, and I have to say that I am hooked. These Pie Iron versions of Nutella & Banana Biscuits are my new favorite recipe.

The biscuits are quick and easy to make, and the combination of Nutella and banana is absolutely delicious.

I would highly recommend giving these a try the next time you’re looking for a tasty treat. Your kids will love this on a camp night.

10. Pie Iron Ham and Cheese Recipe

This recipe is the perfect way to show your appreciation for someone special. Pie iron ham and cheese sandwiches are simple to make but also packed with flavor.

The key is to start with a good quality ham and then add a variety of cheeses that complement the ham’s flavor. You can really use any type of cheese that you like.

Once you’ve chosen your cheese, simply place it on top of the ham in the pie iron and then close the lid. The cheese will melt into the ham, creating a delicious and gooey filling.

These sandwiches are best enjoyed hot off the grill, so be sure to make enough for everyone to enjoy on the trip.

11. Garlic Grilled Cheese Pie Iron Recipe

The campfire is raging, and you are starving. What do you make? How about some garlic grilled cheese in a pie iron?

Made with just a few simple ingredients, it comes together in less than 30 minutes. And best of all, it can be made in one pan, so there’s minimal cleanup required.

I like to serve mine with a side of roasted tomatoes or a simple salad. But you can choose the side dish of your liking.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy campfire recipe, this is it. Just be sure to bring plenty of garlic bread because everyone’s going to want seconds.

12. Pie Iron Cinnamon Rolls

If you are looking for an easy and delicious way to start your camp day, look no further than these Cinnamon Rolls.

These cinnamon rolls come together in no time and require only a few ingredients. Thanks to the pie iron, they get nice and crispy on the outside while remaining soft and fluffy on the inside.

Best of all, they’re perfect for sharing, so make enough for everyone.

13. Pie Iron Apple Turnover Recipe

There is nothing like a fresh, hot apple turnover straight out of the pie iron. And it is one of the amping meals that make it easy to get that fall-off-the-fork perfection.

Just start with a can of Pillsbury country biscuits. Separate the dough into 10 biscuits. Then, mix an apple pie filling and some chopped marshmallows in a small bowl.

Spray your pie iron with non-stick spray, and then layer in a biscuit, some of the pre-made pie filling mixture, and another biscuit.

Close up the iron and place it over hot coals or campfire flames. Remove from heat and enjoy!

14. Camper’s Blueberry Almond Stuffed French Toast

Blueberry Almond Stuffed version of a French Toast is the perfect campfire treat! The french toast is filled with a sweet almond filling and fresh blueberries, then wrapped in foil and cooked over campfire coals.

The result is a delicious, gooey treat that is sure to please everyone around the campfire.

So next time you plan a campout, be sure to bring the ingredients for such dessert pies. – it will complete your campfire meal!

15. Camp Cooker Garlic Bread

The camp cooker garlic bread is the perfect dish for any camping trip. It is quick, easy to make, and a great way to get your campfire fixed without worrying about the mess.

All you need is a camp cooker, some nonstick cooking spray, and a few garlic cloves with bread. Simply preheat the camp cooker to medium heat, then spray the inside with the nonstick cooking spray.

Next, add the bread batter and cook for about a minute. The camp cooker’s garlic bread will be ready to serve. So go ahead and enjoy your campfire.

16. Campfire Chocolate Monkey Bread

A Campfire version of Chocolate Monkey Bread is a delicious, easy-to-make pie iron breakfast that will please even the pickiest eaters.

The recipe calls for just a few simple ingredients, and you can make it in a pie iron over an open fire. This monkey bread is also great for using leftover biscuits or rolls.

Other recipes may call for more complicated ingredients or methods, but this one is deceptively simple and yields delicious results.

Whether you are cooking for a large group or just want a quick and easy breakfast, this Monkey Bread is sure to hit the spot.

17. Pie Iron Cheesy Tots

There is just something about cheesy tots. They are always so gooey, and they just taste so darn good. And when you make them in a pie iron, they’re even better!

These Cheesy Tots from a Pie Iron are the perfect example. Made with real shredded cheese, these tots are crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.

Plus, they are infused with just the right amount of seasoning for a flavor that your friends will be coming back for more.

So next time you are looking for a camping snack that hits the spot, be sure to try these heavenly melted cheese tots.

17 Pie Iron Recipes

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  • Pie Iron Nutella & Banana Biscuits

  • Pie Iron Ham and Cheese Recipe

  • Garlic Grilled Cheese Pie Iron Recipe

  • Pie Iron Cinnamon Rolls

  • Pie Iron Apple Turnover Recipe

  • Camper’s Blueberry Almond Stuffed French Toast

  • Camp Cooker Garlic Bread

  • Campfire Chocolate Monkey Bread

  • Pie Iron Cheesy Tots


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