5 Healthy Shaved Beef Recipes

There isn’t much difference between shaved beef and regular cuts. It’s all the same beef. Yet, shaved beef maintains a special place, featuring prominently in meat stores and many local and intercontinental recipes.

You are likely to encounter recipes that demand small-sized pieces of beef. So, this is your chance if you aren’t already acquainted with shaved beef steak.

Several recipes will interest you as soon as you can have your store-bought beef ready or shave beef by your hands. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Mexican Shaved Beef Recipe

Imagine a bowl of spicy shaved steak with all colorful ingredients. Mexican shaved beef is the result of a delightful combination.

Juicy tomatoes, taco seasoning, green chilies, and lime juice join hands with shaved beef to deliver this masterclass. 

Mexican shaved beef needs 15 minutes to prepare and goes well with rice or warm tortillas.

2. Mongolian Shaved Beef Recipe

This Mongolian beef recipe is a colorful sight, full of flavors. It begins with mixing your shaved beef with cornstarch and ends with a glazed look and inviting smell. 

You will have finely-textured meat soaked in a sea of soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and dark brown sugar. To preserve the brown sugar, this delicacy requires some minutes of constant stirring.

Besides this, it’s pretty simple and easy to put together. Mongolian shaved beef will be ready in 20 minutes just in time to share a plate with some hot rice.

3. Italian Shaved Beef Recipe (Chicago style sandwich)

This sliced roast beef sandwich is usually mistaken for a Philly cheesesteak. This isn’t surprising; there is an obvious resemblance between the two. Still Italian shaved beef is unique in its own way.

If prepared right, it’s guaranteed to give your palate a delightsome treat. Your beef will cook in some low-sodium beef broth before it’s shaved and flavored with some hot peppers.

Italian shaved beef is best served in some provolone toasted hoagie rolls or Gonella french rolls.

4. Bulgogi

This Korean delicacy is an awesome combination of shaved beef, red pepper paste, lettuce, and rice. Some of the most delicious Bulgogi come from the ribeye. Keep this in mind even though any other steak cut will do.

Your steak cut will enjoy the company of a rich sauce containing soy sauce, ginger, garlic, ground sugar, black pepper, and sesame oil. The resulting flavor is irresistible and the taste is heavenly when served with some white rice.

5. Shaved Beef Stroganoff

Let beef steak melt in your mouth as you enjoy the Russian stroganoff. It’s easy to prepare and super-tasty; best served with noodles or rice.

The preparation begins with a steak and vegetable sauté followed by some time in a sauce and greek yogurt combo. You will need some mushrooms and a flavor-filled sauce (which contributes to the attractive and brilliant brown color).

The Stroganoff sauce will contain beef stock, onion, garlic, butter, and flour. Black peppers can come in or not, depending on your taste.


There are a million ways to enjoy shaved beef steaks. But we’ve shown you the recipes we believe are exciting enough for you to try. Try any of these five recipes we’ve put together, and let your stomach thank you.

5 Healthy Shaved Beef Recipes

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Here’s a quick rundown of the recipes described above:


  • Mexican Shaved Beef Recipe

  • Mongolian Shaved Beef Recipe

  • Italian Shaved Beef Recipe (Chicago style sandwich)

  • Bulgogi

  • Shaved Beef Stroganoff


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  • Organize all the required ingredients
  • Prep a shaved beef recipe in 30 minutes or less!
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