8 Quick Soft Tofu Recipes

If you love tofu but struggle with what to make, you’re in for a treat! Silken tofu is an incredibly delicious dish that is lightweight and nutritious. With a high protein content, this plant-based dish is made from soybeans. It’s also filling, which makes it a perfect addition to weight loss diet plans.

Another fantastic thing to love about this tasty meal is the different ways you can make it- its lightweight nature allows it to take up the flavor in other cooking methods.

The Difference Between Soft Tofu and Regular Tofu

The significant difference between silken tofu and regular tofu is that silken tofu has a softer texture and falls apart quickly. But, regular tofu can maintain its structure and consistency in several dishes.

Also, soft tofu and silken tofu are the same things which are why you can use them interchangeably. This meat substitute is perfect for several vegetarian recipes and other dishes.

Plus, it works well with a host of Asian basic ingredients such as light soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, white wine vinegar, and different vegetable broth.

So if you have tofu in your kitchen, here are different soft tofu recipes for sweet and savory dishes;

Kimchi Jiggae

This famous Korean cuisine is tasty and one of the easiest ways to make silken tofu. Also known as Kimchi stew or soup, it contains various sauce ingredients such as Korean red pepper paste, pepper flakes, pork belly, chili oil, and tofu.

Kimchi Jiggae is a diary-free and plant-based soup staple in many Korean households and is excellent for lunch or dinner. We guarantee your family will enjoy it!

Even though this dish may appear spicy, it’s more comforting, and the flavorful taste is undeniable. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy your Kimchi Jiggae with rice or alone.

Silken Tofu Scramble

This delicious recipe is right up your alley if you’re looking for a healthier dish with fewer carbs and more protein.

With a mixture of savory spices like garlic, dark soy sauce, black pepper, chili oil, and sweet paprika, your taste buds are in for a warm surprise. The tofu cubes absorb the flavors quickly for a flavorful dish.

Another reason to love this soft tofu alternative is how simple it is to make- in less than 15 minutes; you can enjoy this meal. Also, it’s light and healthy, making it the perfect dish for a meat lovers and vegans party!

Honey Sesame Tofu

Here’s a savory and sweet dish you will never tire of- made with delicious soft tofu cubes, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, chili oil, and some slices of chili, it’s the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spicy.

The silken tofu maintains its softness while absorbing the delicious combination of spices. The crispy texture also adds to the tasty experience you will enjoy at the end.

Serve this dish as a snack at a party or an appetizer for an evening dinner, and your guests will love it.

Vegan Silken Tofu Omelette

Breakfast lovers, get in here! This is a tasty way to elevate eggs while being conscious of the calories. Adding silken tofu to your egg dish is one of the most straightforward processes and completely worth it.

Combine cubes of tofu in a medley of your favorite sauteed vegetables, add chickpea flour for a thicker mix and get the fluffiest eggs you’ve ever eaten.

And the taste is even more delightful! Season with black salt for that extra eggy flavor.

Sweet Potato Soup with Silken Tofu

Put together this instant silken tofu sweet potato soup in less than 20 minutes. All you need to do is blend the ingredients in the food processor with cold water before you start cooking. It’s super creamy, delicious, and a warm recipe that you will enjoy, especially on a cold day.

The soft tofu adds to the creaminess and works perfectly with the chicken broth’s saltiness and the chili oil’s sauce. Ultimately, you have a dish that looks as beautiful as it tastes.

Serve with fresh herbs or a sprig of thyme as a garnish, and enjoy.

Mapo Tofu

An easy silken tofu stew flavorful option is Mapo Tofu- a staple spicy Sichuan dish made with minced meat, tofu, peppery sauce, and Sichuan peppercorns.

This three-step dish is both spicy and savory and the perfect comfort food on a rainy day or during fall. It tastes even better than it looks and is highly nutritious.

You can enjoy this dish alone or with a side of rice.

Silken Tofu Mac and Cheese

A spin-off of the famous American comfort food, this vegan dish is flavorful and easy to make. Packed with healthy hidden vegetables, it contains a creamy soft tofu sauce that gives it a rich texture.

Red peppers, garlic, chopped green onions, mustard, rice flour, and lemon juice are some of the tasty ingredients in this dish. If you have picky eaters, they can’t say no to this dish because of its fun orange color and delicious taste.

Serve hot or warm for a rich and tasty experience.

Soft Tofu Miso Soup

What’s a list of dishes with an Asian ingredient without soup? Light, rich, and delicious, this silken tofu miso soup is a perfect appetizer or side dish.

While up this flavorful and nutritious umami-packed meal in a little under 15 minutes for a quick dinner. It’s healthy and full of veggies like mushrooms, scallions, spinach, seaweed, and others.

For a vegan approach, consider replacing the Japanese stock with other ingredients, and you can enjoy it too. This lightweight dish is incredibly refreshing, warm, and hearty.

8 Soft Tofu Recipes

8 Soft Tofu Recipes

Recipe by Brenda

If you’re searching for delicious and hearty tofu dishes, try one of the soft tofu recipes below for a flavorful experience!


  • Kimchi Jiggae

  • Silken Tofu Scramble

  • Honey Sesame Tofu

  • Vegan Silken Tofu Omelette

  • Sweet Potato Soup with Silken Tofu

  • Mapo Tofu

  • Silken Tofu Mac and Cheese

  • Soft Tofu Miso Soup


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