20 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Thanksgiving is not complete without a delicious slice of pie at the end. Of course, the entire meal is essential for a successful event, but nothing keeps your guests as happy as a beautiful dessert. These thanksgiving pie recipes are not only a sight to behold but taste incredible.

Like every other dessert, you can’t do without the basics; a tasty crust, scrumptious pie filling, and beautiful toppings. Whether you prefer a pop of color with fresh fruits or mild with whipped cream, you’ll get your choice here.

Get ready to meet your next thanksgiving pie!

1. Classic Pumpkin Pie

Keep it classic with this deliciously creamy pumpkin pie. This is a nostalgic dessert made with a spiced pumpkin filling that quickly transports you to grandma’s house.

You can use pumpkin puree from a can or make yours at home by roasting a sugar pumpkin (this method delivers a rich flavor). Add warm spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, place in a homemade or store-bought crust, and bake!

This pie is sweet with a warm hint of spices that lingers on your taste buds. It’s amazing!

2. Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Caramel drizzled on apples is a tasty treat but imagine how delicious it is as a pie! This easy dessert is filling, sweet, and perfect for all holidays.

Like all apple-infused desserts, choosing suitable apples is crucial for the appropriate consistency and taste. For this pie, you’ll need a tart option like granny Smith apples and sweet pink lady/Honey crisp apples.

As for the crust, a simple homemade crust will do just fine. Brush the lattice crust with egg wash and coarse sugar for a beautiful golden brown color.

3. Chocolate Pecan Pie

Chocolates and pecans have always made an excellent combination. Hence, your Thanksgiving is set up for success with this dessert in your corner. This pie has a bittersweet taste complemented by the warm hint of bourbon.

Bursting with a sweet, nutty flavor, the filling is made with a tasty combination of dark chocolate, light brown sugar, cocoa powder, corn syrup, sea salt, and others. Its fluffy texture keeps you wanting more after every bite.

Consider folding in chocolate chips in your mixture for more texture.

4. Chess Pie

This simple pie is a Southern favorite and an excellent thanksgiving dessert. Made from simple ingredients in your kitchen, it’s quick to prepare, which is perfect if you have a lot of mouths to feed.

It’s creamy and delicious, plus you can always add other flavors to the standard chess pie. So whether you prefer a fruity pineapple chess pie or a nutty walnut chess pie, you can make it quickly!

In addition, it pairs nicely with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

5. Sweet Potato Pie

There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly baked sweet potato pie. This profoundly flavored dessert is a choice of thanksgiving pie that calls out to you amid other delicacies.

You have a buttery pie crust filled with creamy mashed potatoes flavored with a combination of warm spices. It’s easy to make, economical, and utterly delicious. A helpful tip is to bake the potatoes instead of boiling them; this step releases the flavor without excess water interfering with the taste.

Serve with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon as garnish.

6. Cherry Pie

Here’s a tart pie that is both fragrant and incredibly tasty. Each pie fork delivers a generous offering of jammy cherries and a crispy pie crust, a combination to die for!

Sour cherries are usually the preferred option as opposed to sweet cherries because of their tart flavor. It’s full of tasty cherries infused with lemon juice, vanilla & almond extract, corn starch, and sugar.

The appealing golden brown lattice crust is lightly dusted with sugar before baking. Allow to cool and serve as it is.

7. Cranberry-Orange Pie

Try this flavorful pie for a fruity blast after various spicy and savory meals. The fusion of tangy cranberries and sweet orange flavors is fun, unconventional, and appealing.

Fresh cranberries are better for this fantastic recipe. You also need orange juice, orange zest, cinnamon, and cornstarch. Ensure your fruit mix is bubbling, and garnish with coarse sugar when you set it in the crust.

Serve with vanilla ice cream for a more flavorful experience.

8. Turkey Pot Pie

This turkey pot pie is an excellent option if you’re craving a savory and spicy thanksgiving pie. This dish features leftover turkey in a creamy mix of spiced veggies, all within a flaky crust.

The mix of veggies can be carrots, peas, potatoes, corn, and anything else you prefer. Toss it in with some roux- a creamy sauce, and place in a perfectly baked crust.

Bake and serve this tasty delicacy as an appetizer!

9. Banana Cream Pie

This creamy and indulgent pie will transport you to the tropics in seconds. Naturally sweet and easy to make, this no-bake recipe takes only minutes and tastes incredible.

You have a flaky graham cracker crust filled with a layer of chocolate ganache, followed by creamy banana pudding and finished with whipped cream. You can use a cool whip for a quicker process; they taste the same!

Garnish with a layer of fresh bananas and chocolate shavings.

10. Butterscotch Pie

Whip up this creamy, buttery pie for your next Thanksgiving, and your guests will thank you! With a custard-like texture, this scrumptious pie tastes like a sweet and caramelized slice of heaven.

Made with a buttery biscoff cookie crust, this scrumptious dessert is filled with sweet butterscotch pudding and topped with whipped cream. It’s insanely delicious and a perfect ending to Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s not overly sweet, so it’s an excellent addition to any menu.

11. Coconut Cream Pie

Who doesn’t love the slightly sweet and nutty taste of coconuts? Pair this with other flavorful ingredients, and you are a winner!

This pie features a thick, creamy, and delicious filling made of coconuts, coconut milk, shredded coconuts, vanilla, and coconut extracts; it really smells and tastes like coconuts! Layer on whipped cream and toasted coconuts as garnish.

You can also add a meringue topping for an even more appealing presentation.

12. German Chocolate Pie

Chocolate pies are one of my favorite thanksgiving pies because it is not a popular choice, but they work. This German chocolate pie is made with German chocolate- a specific type of chocolate made for bakers; they are typically sweeter than semi-sweet chocolate.

This beautiful dessert combines chocolate, chopped pecans, flaked coconuts, and other ingredients to create a rich and flavorful batter. It’s then poured into a pie crust and eventually baked.

Garnish with more shredded coconut and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

13. Salted Honey Pie

Here’s another simple thanksgiving pie recipe that takes a few minutes to make. This classic pie has a rich flavor that keeps coming back for more.

It has a deliciously creamy texture with a custard-based filling brimming with caramel flavor. But the star is the flavor; brown sugar and honey give it a sweet taste.

Sprinkle some sea salt as garnish.

14. Butternut Squash Pie

You’ll adore this recipe if you’re searching for a replacement for the classic pumpkin pie. This dessert is smooth, spicy, and utterly delicious.

Thanks to the combination of warm spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and brown sugar, every bite of this pie delivers a sweet and spicy taste. Adding butter to the roasted squash gives you a silky texture that melts in your mouth.

Serve with whipped cream, and enjoy!

15. Brookie Pie

You’ll swoon over this pie if you love chocolate flavors. This decadent and indulgent pie combines chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter for a rich and sweet taste.

Aside from its delicious flavor, you’ll love this Brookie pie because it’s easy and fun to make and combines the best chocolate desserts! For this recipe, it’s advisable to use a deep pie pan; it’ll help you achieve thick pie layers.

Have fun with toppings; use melted chocolate, melted peanut butter, ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

16. Apple Slab Pie

This delicious party pie is an excellent addition to your thanksgiving menu. Unlike other pies on this list, peach slab pies are baked in rectangular baking pans and served in small squares.

Loaded with delicious peaches, it’s flavored with warm spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Lemon juice gives it a tangy hint which works beautifully with the sweet and spicy flavor.

The crumbly crust is dusted with brown sugar before baking; this gives it its appealing golden brown finish. It’s a pleasure to look at and eat!

17. Blueberry Crumble Pie

Blueberries are a delightful addition to any dessert, so you’ll have fun making this recipe. Loaded with tart and sweet summer blueberries, this delicious pie has a crumbly crust to die for!

This flaky crust is buttery and mildly sweet; it perfectly combines the blueberry filling and cinnamon-flavored crumble. If there’s one thing you can count on with this pie, it’s that it tastes insanely delicious.

Serve with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream for good measure.

18. Upside Down Key Lime Pie

Elevate your classic key lime pie with this tasty recipe. Served in individual packs, this upside-down key lime pie packs a lot of flavors.

It has a rich, custardy texture that works excellently with its fresh and tangy taste. The toasted graham crackers pie crust makes for a perfect crunchy addition. It’s simple to make, delicious, and works for most holidays.

Serve with whipped cream and a wedge of lime as garnish.

19. Lemon Pie

Lemon cream pies are easily one of the creamiest desserts you can make for Thanksgiving. This tasty pie is filled with tangy and sweet lemon mix on a bed of graham crackers crust.

This simple recipe is topped with whipped cream for a stunning finish. It’s a delightful, mildly sweet dessert that everyone, including kids, will enjoy!

20. Maple Pecan Pie

Maple syrup meets pecans in this flavorful Thanksgiving dessert. Easy to make and a refreshing twist to your regular pecan pie, it’s filling and insanely delicious.

Mix pure maple syrup, brown sugar, vanilla extract, pecans, and some other incredible ingredients, and you have a sweet buttery filling. Pair this with a homemade buttery pie crust, and it’s done!

Sprinkle some sea salt before serving to balance out the overly sweet taste.

20 thanksgiving pie recipes

20 thanksgiving pie recipes

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Are you still undecided about your next thanksgiving dessert? Try one of these delicious thanksgiving pie recipes and you won’t regret it!


  • Classic Pumpkin pie

  • Salted Caramel Apple Pie

  • Chocolate Pecan Pie

  • Chess Pie

  • Sweet Potato Pie

  • Cherry Pie

  • Cranberry-Orange Pie

  • Turkey Pot Pie

  • Banana Cream Pie

  • Butterscotch Pie

  • Coconut Cream Pie

  • German Chocolate Pie

  • Salted Honey Pie

  • Butternut Squash Pie

  • Brookie Pie

  • Apple Slab Pie

  • Blueberry Crumble Pie

  • Upside Down Key Lime Pie

  • Lemon Cream Pie

  • Maple Pecan Pie


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