10 Easy Thanksgiving Punch Recipes

Thanksgiving dinners don’t have to be just about pies, turkeys, mashed potatoes, or other dishes. I mean, have you ever given a thought about your beverages yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry. 

I’ve compiled the best and easiest Thanksgiving punch recipes in this post. They’re the perfect way to quench your guests’ thirst and give it some spicy kick! With such refreshingly cool drinks, there’s nothing better to drink the night with. 

Moreover, I’ve included alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. In this way, kids can enjoy age-appropriate fruity-licious drinks while the adults sip the night away with their spiked punch. 

1. Thanksgiving Punch by Thyme and Joy

Our first entry is a versatile recipe – you can make it either non-alcoholic or spiked. This is perfect if several kids are coming over but still want some options for the adults. 

Moreover, the flavor palette of this punch is impeccable. It nails down the fall flavors, making it perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner. 

For the mocktail, you’ll need apple cider, ginger ale, apple slices (red and green), navel orange, frozen cranberries, pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon sticks. If you want the cocktail version, replace ginger ale with champagne and add vodka or whiskey for a stronger kick. 

2. 3-Ingredient Thanksgiving Punch by I Heart Naptime

Want a quick and effortless Thanksgiving punch recipe for your next party? This one will do the trick because you need only THREE ingredients. Despite few ingredients, it captures the deep flavors you need in a punch bowl. 

You’ll need apple cider, caramel syrup, and pumpkin pie spice to make this punch. You can serve it immediately with ice, refrigerate it overnight, or have it warm from the crockpot. Since there’s no alcohol, kids will enjoy it!

If you want better flavors and garnishes, you can add some sliced apples and a cinnamon stick to each glass. But that’s optional.

3. Easy Thanksgiving Punch by Sugar and Soul Co

Not everything fancy has to be intricate. This thanksgiving punch makes prepping for the big meal much simpler because you won’t have to think much about the drinks. But it still looks so luxurious. 

You’ll need apple cider, cranberry juice, orange juice, Fireball Whiskey, apricot brandy, lemon-lime soda, and ice. You can add apple slices, orange slices, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks for garnishes. 

If you want the best experience, combine everything EXCEPT soda and ice in a large punch bowl or pitcher. Let it chill in the fridge, and then you can add the soda and ice the next day. 

4. Thanksgiving Fireball Punch

Bring the fire, spice, and kick to the table with this fantastic bowl of Fireball punch. It’s the perfect balance of sweet, fruity, and spicy flavors your dinner party would surely enjoy. 

You’ll need apple cider, frozen orange juice concentrate, Prosecco, Fireball Whisky, frozen granny smith apples, and ice or ice rings. Suggested garnishes are apple halves, sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, and star anise. 

This delicious recipe makes more than two liters of drinks. Thus, it’s highly suggested to serve in a bowl with a ladle so your guests can take as much as they need when they need it. 

5. Cranberry Pineapple Punch

Cranberry punch is always great for any holiday season, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. But when you combine it with the freshness of pineapple? Perfection!

This sparkling punch is the perfect quencher for any special dinner. It’s made with Dole 100% pineapple juice, which is the best out there. It’s even called the “king of juices”! 

Besides the pineapple juice, you’ll need a cranberry juice cocktail, ginger ale, lime, ice, and fresh cranberries (you can also use frozen). Except for fruits, lime, and ice, combine everything and stir in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Add the rest and serve.

6. Blood Orange Prosecco Punch 

We can’t have a list of punch recipes without including a blood orange drink. Blood orange isn’t just a color. It’s an orange variety also known as raspberry orange, and its distinctive flesh earned it the moniker. 

This gorgeous punch needs only four ingredients: blood orange juice, prosecco, simple syrup, and Grand Marnier liqueur. It’s an elevated mimosa and is an easy way to make sophisticated drinks for your Thanksgiving dinner. 

This punch will surely be a huge hit with its fantastic look and taste. If your guests start asking them for the recipe, well — it’s up to you!

7. Pumpkin Pie Punch

Do you find making an actual pumpkin pie too much of a hassle? You’ll love this pumpkin pie punch if you want the flavors and not the pie. It does the trick without you cracking an oven.

This pumpkin pie punch features authentic pumpkin flavors with hints of apple cider. There’s also a cream soda and whipped cream, so you get that creamy texture without the actual dish. 

Also, it’s unique – who else would make pumpkin pie punch? Well, you are about to, and you’ll need apple cider, canned pumpkin, cream soda, vodka, and pumpkin spice. 

8. Caramel Apple Cider Vodka Punch

This caramel apple cider vodka punch recipe is a dessert in drink form. It’s sweet and fruity, yet the flavors are perfectly balanced. It exudes a festive and fun vibe, excellent for a Thanksgiving party. 

You’ll need caramel sauce, vodka, apple cider, lemon juice, grenadine, and sliced apple to make this punch. The author recommends L’Epicurien Salted Butter Caramel Spread to replicate the recipe’s flavors and texture. 

This recipe makes enough punch for eight people. By the way, if you’re curious about the nutrition serving, calories, and other info about each drink, check out their respective posts. 

9. Thanksgiving Pomegranate Punch

Not a fan of apple and pumpkin flavors? That’s alright – maybe you’ll like pomegranate punch instead. This brilliant ruby red drink is the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and citrus flavors. It’s elegant and balanced. 

To make this Thanksgiving punch, you’ll need 100% pomegranate juice, lemons, oranges, soda water (or club soda), and maple syrup. Add bourbon, brandy, or white rum if you want this drink spiked. 

Each type of alcohol you add provides a unique taste profile. Bourbon has a warmer, bolder kick than the other two. Meanwhile, brandy and rum complement the drinks’ light flavors. 

10. Moscow Mule Punch

Can’t get enough of your Moscow mule? Make a whole punch bowl of it! This punch packs refreshingly cool flavors from citrus and mint. It’s great for a cool Thanksgiving night and a warm summer evening. 

To make this punch, you’ll need ice, ginger beer, vodka, lime juice, mint leaves, and sliced limes. The limes and mint leaves are for garnishing, although they add fresh flavors. Combine everything in a punch bowl. 

In only fifteen minutes, you can make enough drinks for eight people. Feel free to modify the recipe according to your needs. 

10 Easy Thanksgiving Punch Recipes

10 Easy Thanksgiving Punch Recipes

Recipe by Brenda

Don’t leave your guests thirsty by making them these Thanksgiving punch recipes!


  • Thanksgiving Punch by Thyme and Joy

  • 3-Ingredient Thanksgiving Punch by I Heart Naptime

  • Easy Thanksgiving Punch by Sugar and Soul Co

  • Thanksgiving Fireball Punch

  • Cranberry Pineapple Punch

  • Blood Orange Prosecco Punch

  • Pumpkin Pie Punch

  • Caramel Apple Cider Vodka Punch

  • Thanksgiving Pomegranate Punch

  • Moscow Mule Punch


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  • Prep a Thanksgiving punch in 30 minutes or less!
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