10 Homemade White Cake Mix

If you want to create a delicious, creamy, and memorable dessert, there are several white cake mix recipes that you should try. Simple and elegant, white treats are classic and work for different events.White treats work perfectly when you have a birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, or bridal/baby shower.

Here are ten delicious recipes that are both easy and delicious;

The Classic White

For the first recipe, you have the classic that is usually round and sturdy. It will look as delicious as it tastes with two layers of moist vanilla filling and creamy frosting. This classic recipe might seem safe and boring, but you can always switch it up with your choice for decoration.

Colorful sprinkles are always an excellent choice because it adds a pop of color.In addition, this mix is a wise choice for kids because it’s simple and fun!

White Sponges

Light, fluffy, and full of flavor, this method is also a favorite for many bakers. What’s even great is that it is just as easy to make as the classic mix- the secret is in folding the eggs.

Sponges are also healthier than the regular recipes because there is minimal fat.As a result, they are better for people that struggle with high cholesterol. In addition, thanks to their light and subtle flavor, sponges pair well with several beverages, making them perfect for tea and other breaks.

Spice Cake

You will love this delicious recipe if you prefer a beautiful mix of vibrant spices. Warm, filling, and incredibly moist, this procedure is prevalent during fall and holidays such as Christmas. What sponges lack in flavor, this spicy alternative delivers effortlessly.

This procedure requires a good mixture of spices- cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. Other ingredients such as brown sugar and apple sauce also work for a delicious taste!

Chocolate Pudding Poke

Another excellent way to elevate a box of white cakes. Like the classic recipe, the drizzle of chocolate elevates the taste and presentation. You will love this method because it is lightweight and healthy. For this one, you don’t need to include egg yolks.

All you need are egg whites, fat-free milk, and other ingredients. Each layer is moist, light, and flavorful.

Rainbow Cake Mixes

For a whimsical twist, you should try this fun recipe! Each layer cake is colorful and filled with vanilla and delicious buttercream frosting. And if you have kids, this could be a memorable way to include them in the process.

Consider this recipe for your kid’s birthday, graduation, sleepover, and other sentimental events.

Banana Cake

Bananas are healthy and make a great addition to different things such as banana bread, and including it in a box cake mix is fantastic. So easy to make and delicious, incorporating bananas adds a tropical taste and irresistible texture to your final product.

You will love this method because of how inexpensive it is- you need a handful of ingredients such as eggs, banana pudding, buttercream, and so many others. Then, finish with cream cheese frosting, and the taste will be incredible!

Infused Pineapples

Elevate the flavor and appearance of your mix by incorporating crushed pineapples. Easily one of the most flavorful fruits, it is healthy and works with different snacks. Aside from the decadent taste in each layer, the frosting takes it up a notch!

There’s something about mixing pineapples in your vanilla pudding mix and cake flour. It’s light, fragrant, and delicious.

White Chocolate

White chocolates are delicious as snack bars and in a chocolate cake mix. Rich, decadent, and delicious, this option is elegant and versatile. The white chocolate mousse filling gives it a light and fluffy texture, which works perfectly with the white chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting.

Top with white or colorful sprinkles depending on the event. It is both appealing and tasty! Love it!

Brownie Layers

Another one of the best recipes you would love is one with moist, fudgy brownie layers. Savory and sweet, it’s easy to make and an excellent way to elevate the classic recipe. Incorporate your brownie mix/cocoa powder into your cake batter and vanilla pudding mix for a rich taste.

The beautiful white and brown layers are not only attractive but flavorful. Top with chocolate chips for that extra appeal.

Orange Cake

This cake contains naturally made orange juice and orange zest. An idea reminiscent of the 80s, it’s an excellent choice because it is versatile- it works for several festivities like Easter, graduation, and so much more.

Topped with orange cream cheese frosting and coconut shavings, you will have a mild taste of sweet oranges and tropical coconut.

Try any of these ideas, and rest assured your family will always love the results!

10 Best White Cake Mix Recipes

Recipe by Brenda

For delicious alternatives to elevate your delicious box of white cake, these tasty recipes are excellent choices!


  • The Classic White

  • White Sponges

  • Spice Cake

  • Chocolate Pudding Poke

  • Rainbow Cake

  • Banana Cake

  • Infused Pineapples

  • White Chocolate

  • Brownie Layers

  • Orange Cake


  • Select your favorite recipe
  • Assemble all of the required ingredients
  • Prepare a white cake mix recipe in 45 minutes or less!
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