11 Healthy White Pumpkin Recipes

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change color, it is the perfect time to enjoy all that fall has to offer – including white pumpkins!

These unique gourds are not only visually stunning, but they are also rich in nutrients like vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber.

And while people use white pumpkins for decorations, you can also transform them into a delicious meal.

Here are eleven healthy recipes to help you make the most of white pumpkins this fall. So, gather your ingredients and step into the kitchen.

1. White Pumpkin Kootu

There is nothing like a delicious Pumpkin Kootu. I had this dish for the first time, and I was impressed.

The dish is very healthy and flavorful. You only need raw rice, cumin seeds, green chili, and grated coconut for grinding.

Apart from this, it would help if you had a white pumpkin, daal channa, turmeric powder, and salt. The flavors of the ingredients blend perfectly, and the dish is also very filling. I will be making this again.

You can also use curry leaves, red chili, mustard seeds, and coconut oil for tempering to enhance the flavors.

2. White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambu Recipe

Are you looking for delicious white pumpkin recipes? Try this Mor Kuzhambu that you can make with a white pumpkin.

It is a traditional dish from Kerala, made with white pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and various spices to your taste. Moreover, the fresh coconut elevates the overall flavor of the dish.

The result is a rich, creamy curry that will please your taste buds. Serve this dish with rice or roti for a complete meal.

You should also temper the meal with coconut oil, chilis, curry leaves, methi, and mustard seeds. You will be glad you tried this unique and flavorful recipe!

3. White Pumpkin Juice Recipe

If you are looking for a refreshing and healthy juice recipe? Look no further than this juice recipe.

White pumpkin is packed with nutrients and has a mild, sweet flavor that pairs well with cucumber and lemon.

This juice is also super hydrating, thanks to the high water content of both white pumpkin and cucumber. You can serve this juice to your guests, and they will love you for it.

Add a pinch of salt to taste; you are good to go!

4. White Pumpkin Pie

A white pumpkin version of a pie is refreshing from the traditional orange pumpkin pie. The white flesh of the winter melon gives the pie a light, fluffy texture that is perfect for summer.

The condensed milk helps to bind the ingredients together and gives the pie a rich, creamy flavor. You can serve the pie with whipped cream or ice cream or simply enjoy it on its own.

Regardless of how you enjoy it, this pumpkin pie is a delicious treat sure to please. Do not forget to take pictures before you enjoy the dish!

5. White Pumpkin Salad Recipe

This White Pumpkin version of Salad is a delicious and healthy recipe you can enjoy any time of year.

This salad recipe is a refreshing and flavorful dish that can be served as a side or main course. White pumpkin is combined with lemon juice, pepper, mint, and chaat masala to create a flavorful and nutritious salad.

This dish is perfect for summer picnics or barbecues, and you can also enjoy it as a light lunch or snack. So if you are looking for a healthy and delicious recipe, give this Salad a try.

You will love it!

6. White Pumpkin Subji

Garam masala powder, ginger, and garlic paste are the key ingredients in this white pumpkin recipe.

Garam masala is a blend of spices used in Indian cooking that typically includes cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, and pepper.

This white pumpkin dish is made by cooking the pumpkin with these spices until it is soft and then pureeing it to create a smooth consistency. You can also pressure-cook this pumpkin and garlic recipe.

The dish can be served or paired with rice or naan bread. Either way, it will surely be a hit with your family and friends!

7. White Pumpkin Coconut Milk Stew

This dish is a delicious and hearty stew that is perfect for the colder months. You can make this white pumpkin and coconut milk stew with separate pan-fried chunks of white pumpkin.

Furthermore, you can use a smooth paste to thicken the stew, ensuring that the pumpkin chunks retain their shape and don’t turn into mush.

The addition of coconut milk adds richness and depth of flavor to the dish, while the spices give it a warm and comforting taste.

You can serve this stew with rice or bread, making it an excellent meal for a cozy night in.

8. White Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Pretzel Crust

This White Pumpkin Pie is a perfect recipe for those looking for warm and lovely winter recipes. The crust is made by pulsing pretzels in the food processor until they are finely chopped.

Then, the pumpkin filling is simply a matter of mixing canned pumpkin, brown sugar, and pumpkin pie spice. You can also use condensed milk to sweeten the pie.

Once the pie is assembled, it only takes minutes to bake.

So if you are looking for a way to impress your guests this holiday season, look no further than this pie in Cinnamon Pretzel Crust.

9. Pumpkin Buttermilk Stew

I was really looking forward to trying this recipe, and I was not disappointed! The pureed white pumpkin gave the stew a wonderful creaminess without adding any dairy.

The pressure cooker made it quick and easy to prepare, resulting in a rich and flavorful stew. You can use chana dal or moong dal for additional nutrients and flavor.

Moreover, urad dal, mustard seeds, oil, curry leaves, and a pinch of Asafetida offer a perfect seasoning.

I will definitely be making this again.

10. White Pumpkin Sambar

I had the pleasure of trying this White Pumpkin version of Sambar for the first time yesterday, and I was blown away!

The mix of spices was perfect, and the pumpkin added a lovely sweetness to this south Indian dish. The sambar was hearty and filling but not too heavy.

You will need a list of ingredients and spices, so make sure you have everything before you try and make this sambar.

However, the efforts are all worth it. I will be making this again soon.

11. Chinese Winter Melon Soup With Meatballs

Winter melon soup is a delicious and nutritious dish popular in Chinese cuisine. Combining the winter melon with other ingredients, such as meatballs, makes for a hearty and satisfying meal.

You can usually serve this soup with rice or noodles, or you can also enjoy it as a standalone dish.

The soup is typically made with chicken or beef broth, but it can also be made with vegetable broth for a vegetarian option.

Winter melon soup is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and is also low in calories and fat. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a healthy and delicious meal.

11 Healthy White Pumpkin Recipes

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  • White Pumpkin Kootu

  • White Pumpkin Mor Kuzhambu Recipe

  • White Pumpkin Juice Recipe

  • White Pumpkin Pie

  • White Pumpkin Salad Recipe

  • White Pumpkin Subji

  • White Pumpkin Coconut Milk Stew

  • White Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Pretzel Crust

  • Pumpkin Buttermilk Stew

  • White Pumpkin Sambar

  • Chinese Winter Melon Soup With Meatballs


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