20 Homemade Yellow Cake Mix Recipes

Cake mix recipes have made life easy for people who want to make delicious recipes within minutes. Moreover, if you love yellow cake bases, there is no other way to get the perfect color than using yellow cake mix.

You will make a delicious homemade yellow cake in less than an hour. Plus, a boxed cake mix allows you to be creative in multiple ways.

Below, I have gathered some of my favorite recipes for you. You can make them as they are or add your own creativity as well.

1. Pineapple Sunshine Cake

If you are hosting a party and do not know what taste combination everyone will approve of, make a pineapple sunshine cake.

With the help of boxed batter, you will make a crowd-pleaser recipe within thirty-five minutes. It will allow you to focus on the main course.

Top the cake with creamy whipped cream and serve cold. You can also add pineapple bites or your favorite fruit bites on top.

2. Cake Mix Cookie Bars

The beauty and creativity of cake mixes do not stop at just cakes. The options of possible recipes you can make out of it are countless.

One another amazing recipes for trying yellow cake mix is to make cookie bars. All you need is four ingredients to make this quick and mouthwatering recipe.

Top it with chocolate chips or melted chocolate to make it even more addictive.

3. Yellow Cake Mix Coffee Cake

Coffee and cake always go right. You can even enjoy this combination as a morning energy snack.

The quickest way to enjoy this snack in the morning is by using a yellow cake mix, granulated sugar, and other essentials.

You can enjoy the cake for up to seven days by keeping it stored in the fridge.

4. The Best Pineapple Upside Down Cake

When looking for a perfect cake for all occasions like easter, mothers day, and father’s day, I have a perfect option for you. Look no further because a pineapple upside-down cake is perfect for such events.

Due to sour cream, cake mix, and butter, the cake always turns out perfectly moist from the inside. Moreover, due to cut pineapple pieces on top, kids love the looks and obviously taste.

You can also turn this cake into one of the creative layer cakes by adding one layer of pineapple and one layer of vanilla cake mix.

5. Honey Bun Cake Recipe

The pleasant woody flavor of cinnamon rolls when combined with sugar-sweet powdered sugar, it tastes heavenly.

Heaven, this is the right word to describe the honey bun cake recipe.

Top it with a lump of brown sugar, cinnamon rolls, and a sour cream layer to make it taste over top of all other sweets you have tasted. Just take a large bowl and add cake mix along with other ingredients.

Bake and frost the cake while it is hot. Enjoy either hot or cold as per your liking.

6. Easy Lemon Cream Poke Cake

Poke cakes have always been my favorite, and when you mix citrusy lemon with whipped cream, there come closer in this competition.

Yellow cake mix will reduce your effort to half. The taste is already great, and the cake will be super moist. Moreover, the white frosting will be a cherry on top.

Here is just a tip if you somehow make the extra frosting: You can even make another cake layer and spread the remaining frosting between the layers.

7. Yellow Cake Mix Gooey Bars

When I want to make something healthy and quick at the same time, I choose these instant gooey bars.

You need to prepare for two layers. The first layer consists of cake mix, eggs, and sugar. The second cake layer consists of cream cheese, eggs, and powdered sugar.

Serve hot after removing from sheet pan and enjoy with your family. By the way, did I tell you that kids love them?

8. Easy Cake Mix Bars

Only six ingredients and a couple of minutes will result in soft and delicious cake mix bars. You can use chocolate, rainbow, or vanilla sprinkles on top as per your liking.

Moreover, kids love these bars, so you can also pack one for their lunch. Apart from kids’ lunch, serve these cake mix bars to your friends or family dinners.

You can serve them cold with warm milk or hot with vanilla ice cream.

9. Yellow Pound Cake

A simple yellow cake right from the bundt pan can put smiles on faces. And when you top it with whipped cream and lemon glaze, the smiles turn even bigger.

A pinch of pure vanilla extract can enhance the flavor. Moreover, you can either serve it hot or let it cool completely before the sweet time.

It is a super soft cake that you can serve to your family on a dinner night or on Halloween.

10. Homemade Cinnamon Roll Cake

For some, cinnamon rolls are everything, so I added a quick and yummy recipe. You can enjoy these cinnamon rolls in cake form.

Mix the batter with cinnamon ingredients and bake it in the oven. Enjoy your time

Top it with milk, pure vanilla extract, and sugar in a mixing bowl. Serve it warm or cold and enjoy till the last bite.

11. Easy Peanut Butter Cake

The easiest way to start making any cake is by opening a cake box. The rest ingredients and flavors are up to you.

The cake is a dream come true for peanut butter lovers. It is a perfect yellow, super moist, juicy, and topped with chocolate.

You only require six ingredients to make this mouthwatering dessert, and your family with love you ten times more for it.

12. Better-Than-Anything Peanut Butter Cake

When a cake has a “better than anything” in its name, it is something you must give a try.

Top it with whipped cream and peanut butter chips to give an extra edge. You can also use Nutella if you are a chocolate lover. Moreover, the balanced combo of tastes will blow your mind.

Just ensure that you use a measuring cup to take all the right quantities of the ingredients, and the rest will turn out great.

13. Homemade Yellow Cake

If you are also tired of using only egg yolks for your cakes, let me give you a whole egg alternative that is not only easy but also tasty.

Make this yellow cake from a box and frost the cake layering with chocolate. It is a perfectly balanced combination for people who like light tastes.

Moreover, add a few sprinkles on top and make it a birthday cake for your kids.

14. 7UP Cake Recipe

If you are in the mood to try something new that tastes like cake, go with the 7up Cake recipe. The best thing about the cake is that you can prepare it with cake mix and no one will notice.

Yes, you actually add a 7up soda in the cake mix, among other ingredients. It turns out great, and the kids love the recipe.

Pour lemon glaze on top and enjoy when the cake is cool completely.

15. Tres Leches Cake

To taste light and fresh bite of a soft cake, try Tres Leches cake right now!

There are three main cake layers. The first is cake. Then you poke holes and add the milk pudding. The final layer is of whipped cream decorated with flavors of your choice.

As the recipe includes boiled, condensed, and cream milk, it is called tres leches, meaning three kinds of milk. The bottom is super soft, and you can further add fruits you like on top.

My personal favorite fruits are strawberries, and blueberries also go fine with this cake.

16. Apple Coffee Cake

Apple and coffee combination makes this next cake a perfect choice for people who love eating cakes for breakfast. You can use cake mix to make it quick and fresh.

It is not just a simple yellow cake but a creative one. The best part about the cake is the cream cheese filling that makes this poke cake super moist.

Furthermore, the topping of cinnamon streusel will make it everyone’s favorite. Serve it with milk or coffee in the morning. Or you can also serve it as a dessert in the evening.

17. Yellow Cake With Chocolate Frosting

Yellow and brown have always been my favorite colors. I can just never get enough of this combination.

Moreover, I love it even more with the help of yellow boxed cake mix and multiple chocolate frostings available.

You will also enjoy the moist flavor and balanced combination. You can either make two cakes and add the frosting in between, or you can bake one large cake and cut it in half to add frosting.

18. Easy Apple Cake Recipe

When it comes to apple cakes, I love two things about them.

They always taste great, and the cake mix makes it easy for me to make them quickly at home. With a premade cake batter, I am left to add a few key ingredients and my favorite fruits.

This easy apple cake comes from a box and requires only one hour of my time. You can enjoy the leftover cake for three days by storing it in the fridge.

19. Doctored Yellow Cake Mix

With the help of yellow cake mix, you can add multiple color variations to your cakes. One of these perfect combinations is this decorated yellow cake.

You can also call it a birthday cake and surprise your kid with the colorful and delicious heaven.

This yellow cake mix recipe is easy and requires about an hour to be prepared. Moreover, the whipped cream topping and sprinkles are what kids adore the most.

20. Homemade Yellow Birthday Cake

Here is another birthday cake you can make when you are confused between the ratios of baking soda and cake flour.

A cake mix will give you one of the best yellow cakes you have ever tasted. Plus, add the chocolate frosting on top and in between to get the over-the-edge flavor.

The frosting of a creamy chocolate buttercream will leave everyone speechless. Make sure you follow the recipe as it is, and you will know why I highly recommend it.

Kids at the birthday party will leave by saying this to their moms: we want the same cake for our birthdays.

20 Must Try Yellow Cake Mix Recipe

Recipe by Brenda

Here is a short list of all the recipes mentioned above.


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  • Baking powder


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